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The Study of Attitude and Awareness of Residents of Jahrom Country Regarding Brain Death and Organ Donation in 2018

Author(s): Hasan Zabetian, Fatemeh Honarmand Jahromy, Mohamad Javad Zarei, Soheila Samani Jahromi, Navid Kalani and Samaneh Abiri*


Introduction: Organ donation has rescued many lives all around the world. In fact, body donation has managed to improve the quality of patients’ lives as well as their attitudes towards the future. Hence the purpose of this study is to investigate people’s attitude and awareness in Jahrom Country respecting brain death and organ donation in 2018.

Methodology: It was a descriptive-cross sectional survey. The population comprised of 201 people of Jahrom Country residents who were examined in 2018. A demographic questionnaire and an organ donation questionnaire were used as data collection instruments. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics (percentage and frequency) and inferential statistics (Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis) through SPSS Software version 21.

Results: Majority of subjects (67.7%) were ranked medium and higher regarding awareness. Moreover, considering attitude the overwhelming majority of participants were ranked at medium and higher levels which imply a positive attitude among participants respecting body donation. Married people have significantly more positive attitudes toward single donations than donors (p=0.001, p<0.01).

Conclusion: Although people are quite willing to donate organs, the number of individuals holding a body donor card is very few. Therefore there should be more training through various sources to provide a positive mindset.

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