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Therapeutic Physical culture as a Method of Rehabilitation of Preschool Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Author(s): Nataliia Saiko*, Svitlana Yalanska, Nina Atamanchuk, Valeriy Zhamardiy and Oksana Hordiienko


The article is a theoretical justification and presentation of the results of testing the program of therapeutic physical culture as a means of rehabilitation of children with intellectual disabilities, provision of proofs of its effectiveness. To obtain objective data in solving the tasks, the following research methods were used: theoretical analysis and generalization of data of psychological, pedagogical and medical literature, observation, experiment, comparison, methods of mathematical processing. We have created an educational and methodical complex, which includes a system of correctional work with children of preschool age 5–6 years with intellectual disabilities; systematized various areas of correctional and developmental work in classes of adaptive physical culture, which helps to improve the quality of life in preschool children 5–6 years with intellectual disabilities. The application of the program of therapeutic physical culture in the rehabilitation process of preschool children with intellectual disabilities had improved the motor activity of children, developed the ability of self-control, ability to follow the instructions of the teacher, to act together, to manage the emotional state and to respond to external signals.

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