Thromboembolic Disorders in Covid-19 Patient | Abstract

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Thromboembolic Disorders in Covid-19 Patient

Author(s): Anushka Sawarkar, Komal N Muneshwar* and Ashok Mehendale


Background: Thrombotic events can be seen among patients having cardiovascular illness. Along with COVID-19 the disease severity has found to be increasing. Thromboembolism has been widely seen among severely ill patients. The autopsies of the ceased patients due to complications created by COVID-19 indicated the role of deep vein thrombosis, endothelium dysfunction and so on. But over activation can leads to severe inflammation among vital organs such as lungs and can damage the tissues resulting into multiple organ failure from where living chances of the patients plunges. Several enzymes and vital proteins inside the patient’s body was found to be out of their tolerance level and showing huge fluctuations in their readings. These are termed as biomarkers as they can be used as indicators for the worsening condition of the patient. COVID-19 must be dealt with utmost precaution as it is still considered as understudied pathogenic disease. Various biomarkers can be used in order to detect the deterioration of the patient’s condition into critical condition. Empirical study highlighting facts about bidirectional relationship between COVID-19 severity and impact of cardiovascular function of non-Comorbid patient must be done in order to understand the viral behavior.

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