Traumatic Brain Injury and Stem Cell Therapy | 53609

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Traumatic Brain Injury and Stem Cell Therapy

Author(s): Atul Dwivedi, Shweta Shukla Dwivedi*, Muhammad Raheel Tariq, Xiaoming Qiu, Suzhen Hong and Yu Xin


Traumatic brain injury is a major health issue globally. Recently, there is no effective treatment, which can improve functional recovery of the TBI patients. Recent studies conclude that stem cell therapy has got tremendous regenerative potential, which can cure CNS injuries. Experimental Success in stem cell therapy also raise a hope in researchers to investigate more. The therapeutic aspects of stem cell therapy are based on the potential to differentiate in to tissue specific cells and integrate in to host tissue to regenerate the lost cells or injured cells. This commentary reflects the role of variety of stem cells in treating TBI .

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