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Treatment of a Severely Rotated Maxillary Central Incisor in a Cleft Lip and Alveolar Patient with Whip Appliance: A Case Report

Author(s): Batoolalsadat Mousavi-fard, Mehrdad Shahsavari-pour


Fixed appliance is a routine treatment for rotated maxillary incisor, but in some cases the use of this method is impossible. In addition, removable appliance is applicable in only limited cases of rotation. The aim of this case report is to introduce an appliance for correcting severe rotation of anterior teeth in pre- adolescent children. In this study an 8-year-old Iranian girl with a mixed dentition class I malocclusion with lip and dentoalveolar cleft, complained of a severely rotated upper right central maxillary incisor was referred to Kerman dental school. A whip device including removable plate, a cantilever spring and bonded tube on rotated tooth was utilized. After 1 month, the upper right central incisor was orthodontically brought into proper alignment. After overcorrection of the tooth, circumferential supracrestal fiberotomy was performed. One week after surgery, by removing the appliance, the retention was started. Whip device is a removable appliance that can be used successfully for the correction of rotated anterior teeth.


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