Using of Diode Laser (940 nm) in Orofacial Region | Abstract

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Using of Diode Laser (940 nm) in Orofacial Region

Author(s): Afrah A. Kh. Aldelaimi, Tahrir N. Aldelaimi, Shakir Mahmood Al-Gburi


Many specialties in medicine and surgery are interested in the progress of the biomedical applications of the laser. Lasers are now becoming the treatment of choice by both clinicians and patients, and in some cases, the standard of care. The aim of this clinical study was to apply and assess the usefulness of diode laser 980nm in orofacial region. This clinical study was carried out at our private clinic using diode laser (940nm) in many orofacial clinical applications. A total of 35 patients including 20 (≈57%) male and 10 (≈42%) female with age range from (3 to 58) years old. Overall satisfaction was observed in all clinical applications and proved to be of beneficial effect for daily practice and considered practical, effective, easy to used, offers a safe, acceptable, and impressive alternative for conventional surgical techniques. Diode laser (940 nm) can be used in oral and facial soft tissue surgery because of easy application, better coagulation, no need for suturing, less swelling and pain, as well as for its capability for treatment of physiologic gingival pigmentation.

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