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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Using of Image Registration Software Packages in Segmentation of left Ventricle Tissues in SPECT Images

Author(s): Yousif M Abdallah*


Background: Medical imaging has been widely used as a key method for the diagnosis, evaluation, and monitoring of the treatment of myocardial pathologies. Nuclear medicine imaging plays an important role in the morphological and physiological assessment of cardiac tissues. The performance of the left ventricular muscles was evaluated using the gated studies series (rest and stress tests). Methods: In this study, a semi- and fully automated registration approach were used to segment cardiac tissues and quantify the left ventricle dysfunction. Results: The image registration of medical image studies will be combined with a computational method to robotically compute a set of features from the myocardial SPECT images. These features will be used in statistical studies and cataloguing of scanned people to healthy and unhealthy patients. Conclusion: Image registration, segmentation, and characterization approaches were used in this study. The results of all computation processes were assessed and deliberated.

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