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Valuation of Radiation Dosage Received in CT scan For Traumatic Patients in King Khalid Hospital-Majmaah, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Yousif Abdallah*


Introduction: Trauma considers one of the most common reasons for morbidity and fatal disease amongst the elderly patient.
The aim of this study is to measure of radiation dose received in computed tomography Majmaah Area, KSA this study conducted to assess the stroke silhouette patients admitted to CT investigations to nationwide healthcare institutes along with appraising issues that might enhance trauma management.
Objectives: The purpose of this study was to estimate the radiation dose received in CT scans for traumatic patients.
Methods: Patient imaging acquisition data were collected from the radiology department. In each centre, CT radiation dose (CTDI) was measured using the ionization chamber. Then the other radiation doses quantities (CTDIW, CTDIvol, and DLP) were calculated. The average patient age for adults was 45.4+14.6 with the range of (30-80 years).
The measured dose (CTDIw and DLP) for brain, chest, and abdomen were (617 mGy-36.3 mGy cm), (8.1 mGy -386 mGy cm) and (11.8 mGy-309 mGy cm) respectively. The DRLs of the brain, chest, and abdomen were 49.7, 8.2 and 10 mGy, respectively.
The study was concluded that computed tomography could expose the patients to high doses in the brain, chest, and abdomen. The measured dose in all centers in this study was lower than the international references limits.

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