Vasculitic skin lesions in dengue fever - Case series | Abstract

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Vasculitic skin lesions in dengue fever - Case series

Author(s): Menon Narayanankutty Sunilkumar, Vadakut Krishnan Parvathy


The number of cases of dengue fever (DF) has increased dramatically during the last decade and is emerging as a global health problem. The increased prevalence of DF has been noticed recently in Kerala. Eighty percent of people infected with dengue virus are asymptomatic. Typical and atypical presentations of DF have been mentioned in the medical literature. The usual presentation is with thrombocytopenia associated periorbital petechiae and purpura along with other symptoms like fever, skin rash, headache and myalgia. In this case study, we report two cases of DF with ecchymosis. The rare manifestation such as low grade intermittent fever and vasculitic skin lesions, even if normal platelets count and bleeding parameters, should not ignore the possible dengue viral infection.

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