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Vitamin D Deficiency and Treatment Plan

Author(s): Sanjay Sharma*, Piyush Kumar, Rajesh Garg, Alpana Joshi, Sanjeev Mittal


Vitamin D is obtained from the consumption of few foods and helps in absorption of calcium from the gut of a human being and maintains phosphate and calcium level of blood to maintain bone mineral density. In case of de??c?e?c? of vitamin D supplements are provided to the patient in the form of tablets. The tablets of vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 are prescribed to the patients. Since, vitamin D plays a vital role in human body functioning and with the increasing rate of vitamin D de??c?e? population across the globe, current study suggest a change in meal plan and to incorporate some habits to reduce vitamin D de??c?e?c? which is spreading rapidly. Thus, study opens a future prospects to conduct more research in ???d??? a remedy for highly prevailing diseases.

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