Worm Infestation among All Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Mothers | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Worm Infestation among All Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Mothers

Author(s): M. Saranya, M. Sivasakthi and AR. Bharathi*


Worm infestation is an infection on by a type of intestinal parasite in the roundworm group. Initially there may be itching and a rash at the site of infection. There may be no symptoms in those only affected byway few worms. In those infected by many worms there may be abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, and feeling tired. The mental and physical and physical development of children may be affected. Children are the valuable asset for any society. Today’s children are the builders of future nations. Their well-being is the basic concern of every nation. A healthy child brings happiness to the entire family. Worm infestation, refers to the invasion of worm. Worms are parasites which infest to keep living with the host with minimal or even without any symptoms or complaints. Worm infestation is common in children all over the world. Worms may be of many sizes and shapes from microscopic Pin worm to Tape worm that are several feet long. These worms live in the intestine. In the present study was aimed to assess the level of knowledge on worm infestation with selected demographic variables.

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