Yoga, Meditation and the Brain gain | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Yoga, Meditation and the Brain gain

Author(s): Bhawani Singh Sonigara, KumKum Sarangdevot


In research conducted past years it has been now established that the Brain functioning of an individual is situational. It means that the Brain adjusts its functioning and working pattern based on the external treatment it gets. The Blood supply and it is the amount of Oxygen to the brain largely associated with the old age problems and the stroke like conditions. We can improve the amount diet i.e. Oxygen to the Brain by doing some simple breathing patterns and meditation and it is called Yoga. Yoga can supposedly ameliorates depressive manifestation and immune function, as well as diminish chronic pain, reduces stress, and lower blood pressure. These all claims were made by yogis and monks thousands of years ago and these all facts are now supported by scientific researches and results.

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