Home Remedies During Covid Pandemic Lockdown

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Review - (2020) Volume 8, Issue 6

Home Remedies During Covid Pandemic Lockdown

Seema Kolhe*, Minal Dambhare, Priya Dhankasar, Pallavi Dhole, Ashwathy Nair and Priya Rewatkar

*Correspondence: Seema Kolhe, Department of FNTCN, Smt. Radhikabai Meghe Memorial College of Nursing, Sawangi (M), Wardha, Maharashtra, India, Email:

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Background: While the 2019 corona virus disease (COVID-19) continues to pandemic, a rising number of countries are and territory adopts restrictive measures on physical ("social") distancing, intended to avoid transmission from human to human, and thus restricting virus spread. Lockdowns nationwide. In the event of any health issues that require time to fix Home use the home treatment. During the lockdown time, handle the home made in basic care and troubleshooting treatment at home, but check the condition of the person often delivered at home. referred to the home near the hospital Any otherwise health center Home remedy is a type of homemade medication or tonic often of unproven effectiveness administered without any guidance, prescription, or professional persons supervision. Home remedies may or may not have any type of medicinal properties that will treat or cure the diseases. It can be prepared by any person those are literate or laypersons also Women in India are well versed to home remedies as compared to male, they are always practicing it since generations for quick relief for children and family members as early as possible, keep them away from any illnesses In India, to control Covid 19 disease in the country government has declared complete lockdown in the country to break chain of COVID19 through social distancing In this condition sometimes it’s not possible to go at clinic for minor illnesses like cold, cough, headache, body ache etc. if this signs and symptoms are not severe and if, no medicine is available at home, then in this condition.

Conclusion: Home remedies is best option to get relief from minor illness during lock down. This research aimed at exploring the use of natural remedies for the treatment. 


COVID 19, Home remedy, Pandemic, Women, Lockdown


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number of countries across the globe go into lockdown, many people forced to stay home may wonder why such steps are important, how long they will continue to go on for and what it will take before life goes back to normal. In situation During the lockdown period, manage the homemade remedy in basic treatment at home, but check the condition of the person it may managing at home use homemade effective treatment. that requires instant or regular medical care, say many who have been struggling. It is especially important for us all to stay fit in this condition and to increase our immunity.

WHO (World Health Organization) reported that for some part of their primary health care needs, 80 percent of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines? According to WHO, approximately 21,000 plant species have the potential to be used as medicinal plants which people believe in Home remedy regarding traditional home remedy medicine as compared youngsters, organic products have various applications and functions including those related to medicinal and cosmetic products dies.

In this article approximately 42 per cent of respondents reported using home remedies daily. Hot steam inhalation, hot lemon drink and honey in both categories, i.e. the predefined list in the questionnaire, and the open-ended queries, were the three most widely used home remedies.

The most frequently cited form of home remedies used is nutritionally based home remedies. The most popular explanation for using a home remedy was to treat the cold symptoms. In our survey, most respondents chose to continue with home remedies to treat specific health problems and hoped to avoid using prescription drugs. Certain explanations for the use of the home remedy include positive experiences with home remedies and pain relief [1].

Following are the home remedies can use during covid pandemic lockdown

These are the signs and symptom are seen in lockdown period

Home remedy for cold: From a young age my mother always emphasized the importance of our culture. Whenever we were sick, my mother always had a remedy which she learned from her mother to help us feel better. When we had a cold, she would have us sit down in a chair with a bucket of extremely hot water at our feet. She spread VapoRub on the soles of our feet and have us dip them in the water. While our feet were soaking, we had to drink a hot Rural tea, we would always feel better after this [2].

Erasing cuts and bruises: For bruises, we would eat an onion or any red vegetable, because it was believed that those were the ones that went directly to red blood cell and helped reproduce them. Eating an onion help us but only the side effect is that if you work out or sweat you smell bad you are basically sweating out the onion. But smell is not matter but healing is must to feel relax. My mother carried and respect the traditional passed down to her from her greatgrandparents [3].

Soothing ear infection: When we had an earache, we should wash our ears with warm water and follow by putting a capful of peroxide in our ears until it fizzed. Once it stopped fizzing, we would let it drain out [4].

Eliminating headaches: If we have headache one remedy that we can use is vaporub on forehead, the back of your ears, and the back of your neck. After you apply the vapor rub, peel an onion and grill the peels until they are warm and soft. Once soft, put salt on top of the vapor rub. Then, put the warm onion peels on your temples. We can do this anytime whenever we are having headache. It is in practice since long and still providing relief [5].

Runny nose: In such situation, getting facial steams could bring large amount of relief as steam cleanses your nose, it help in stopping the runny nose for hours. You can also drink hot drink hot tea [2].

Facial steam.

Steam inhalation while soaking in a hot bath.

For cold cough: This is effective medicine by my mother –in-law on cold & cough. Take some Tulsi, ajwain, turmeric, jaggery, rural tea boil it with 2 cup of water, boil it till it becomes one cup, allow it to cool & give 1 tea spoon twice a day. A no side effect remedy for all age groups [2].

Take 2/3 Cloves, fry them & make powder, give this powder along with honey to persons suffering from dry cough they will get instant relief along with honey [2].

You can try taking honey by the teaspoon several times daily or add it to tea or warm water to drink. honey has antibacterial properties and can also help to coat the throat, alleviating irritation.

Turmeric has been used trusted source to treat upper respiratory conditions, bronchitis, and asthma in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. you can get turmeric in its spice-form, as well as a capsule [2].

Ginger has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been shown trusted Source to boost the immune system and relieve pain and discomfort [2].

Masala tea the taste of chai tea has become very popular in the United States in recent years. In India, chai is used to treat conditions such as sore throat and dry cough [2].

Home remedies for acne: Many people to look into how to cure acne naturally at home. We can use home remedies. Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apple cider, or the unfiltered juice from pressed apples. This has promoted many people to look how to cure acne naturally at home. All home remedies are essential to keep ourselves feet during covid pandemic lockdown [6].

On relieving cramps and stomach aches: Tea made from onion skins that would relieve period pains. As a picky teenager, it’s a very advantageous as compared to pills during lockdown [7].

On purging skin-deep issues: For mosquito bites, we can hold half a lime over the flame of the stove. Once the lime is charred, let it cool slightly, as it needs to be hot to work. Then, we must rub the charred part on the bite, the more juice, the better result. This sped up the recovery process and eliminated the itch. I still do this today because it is so effective and cheap [6].

Acidity: You should drink buttermilk or kokum sherbet along with cumin and and fennel seeds in it to get instant relief if you’re stuck at home and don’t have medications to treat your acidity. drinking a drop of baking soda with a glass of water will also give you a much relief. to stop issues such as acidity [8].

Oral health care: Someone has pain in the gums used warm 1 cup of water on the stove (not only warm to boil) and pour it into a cold bottle. Add 1 dc. Salt on warm water, then blend well. Swallow the mixture in your mouth, then, when done, spit it out into a drain (do not swallow). The salt can help prevent bacteria from developing in your mouth and decrease the bacteria in your gums that can cause the swelling. Rinse the mouth at least twice day with warm salt water before the swelling subsides. Either a cold or hot compress to help lower the pressure [9].

Dental spray homemade dilute essential oils into a bottle. using a small clean spray bottle for this treatment which has never had any other during inside it [9].

Teabags: Take a fresh tea bag and steep it in boiling water for up to 5 minutes, just as you do for tea making. When the tea bag is cool enough to touch, apply it directly for at least the tender gums [9].

Choose a tea high in astringent tannins, such as black tea, green tea or even tea with hibiscus [9].

Sore throat: Oil pulling Coconut oil pulling can be one home remedy that you can try to deal with a sore throat problem. Coconut oil helps to quash the toxins and improve the immunity of the germs as well as direct nasal and oro passages. Coconut oil on the throat is also very calming and has zero side effects. Using nearly two tablespoons of high-quality coconut oil on a regular basis will help the body naturally combat infections and viruses.

Diarrhea: First check condition of patient gives the home-made ORS to child. You would need to replenish the fluids and depleted electrolytes (salts) to handle a mild bout of diarrhea. Drink plenty of tea, pure juices, fresh broths, or a sports drink high in electrolytes. Using only salt, sugar, and water to make a homemade rehydration drink [10].

A diet of small, regular meals can be healthier than consuming three larger meals day as diarrhea recovers.

Foods which are high in pectin, like fruit.

Foods rich in potassium, including sweet potatoes and carrots.

Electrolyte foods, including miso soups and sports drinks.

Cooked, tender vegetables.

Adequate protein intakes [10].

If the not managing diarrhea at home base so refer to near health care centre.

Nausea and vomiting: Recommended amount for minimizing nausea is 4 cups (950 ml) of ginger tea. Render it at home by steeping the fresh ginger in hot water, sliced or grated. Sip the tea slowly, because drinking it too quickly will increase nausea.

Cloves: Hold in your mouth few bits of cloves and suck them for long. The scent and taste of the cloves will make vomiting stop instantly. It also triggers a change in the taste buds. It also decreases mouth sensitivity. Drink tea with a clove to avoid vomiting. Take a cup of boiling water and add a spoonful of cloves. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain until you drink [11].

Lemonade: Drink a glass of soda, mixed in with some lemons. Honey can be added to enhance the lemonade's flavor if desired. The vitamins and minerals that lemon contains will serve as a deterrent to vomiting and therefore instantly avoid it [11].

Saunf: Chewing saunf at regular intervals is also known as fennel and is extremely effective. It refreshes the mouth 's taste and makes the person feel substantially better. Get fennel tea and you will not cough. Take one tablespoon of seeds from fennel and add one cup of boiling water. Steep and strain for 10 minutes before drinking [11].

Insomnia: Meditation of mindfulness consists of a deep, steady breathing while still sitting. As they rise and move, you observe your breath, body, emotions, feelings, and sensations. Meditation carefulness has numerous health benefits which go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle promoting good sleep. It is said to minimize stress, improve concentration and increase immunity. Eat lighter nocturnal meals for at least two hours before bedtime. And give warm milk [12].

Constipation: Have every day a bowl of 1 or 2 fibre-rich fresh fruits. Fruits are extremely rich in water, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes which can help relieve and prevent constipation. Papaya (Enzyme for papain) Pears (Sorbitol and Fructose) Pektin (Apple) Pineapple (unsweetened juice) (enzyme Bromelain) Fruits of citrus bananas, sweet limes (pectin and naringenin) Vegetables are high in fibres, such as spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, provide essential nutrients and can be consumed in the form of cooked stews or soups, baked, roasted and salads.

Use whole grain with beans and lentils, such as oat bran, barley, wheat bran, jowar roti, bajra chapattis, buckwheat dosa etc.

Include nuts (grapes, apricots, prunes) and seeds (Chia seeds, flaxes, 1 ginger, Leaves mint Methode:- In a jar, grate the ginger, and add the mint to it. Then pour 1 cup of water over it. Heat this all up for 10 minutes [13].

Dysmenorrheal: Menstrual cramps, or primary dysmenorrheal, are an inconvenient part of any month. Drinking more water will help relieve bloating. Get into the habit of drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, especially during your time. To make it more palatable add a mint or a lemon wedge.

When you're menstruating, sipping chamomile tea can help relieve cramps. Chamomile tea is filled with anti-inflammatory substances inhibiting prostaglandins [14].

Lockdown “break the chain of transmission” of the virus. a healing power in being cared for, a power that mothers. As children, we believed that a mother’s touch could cure us of any health illness. Whether pain was internal or external to relived,

Stay home, stay positive & enjoy much needed rest with your family.


The present article is related to Covid 19 pandemic, it is exceedingly difficult period for all. Mexican Americans come from deeply rooted nation Past of herbal remedies entrenched and they are using herbs to treat a wide range of conditions. In this post, we wrote Recorded the findings of a survey of herbal beliefs and use and cure for home remedies. Many study participant’s preferred herbal remedies on the source of suggestions from family members and friends. In a variety of cases, the herbs they selected for the treatment were not indicated. Participants not understanding how to prepare herbal remedies, so they did not grasp the action process of that healings included. Much the participants relied on their own judgment around dose titration, including reduction or discontinuation herbal treatments were altered as allopathic drugs. So many studies found in home remedies effective to health responses positive.


Overall above topic mentions that. this study found that many natural remedies are still used in the care field in treatment and further insight on our use of these natural products. Home remedies is best option to get relief from minor illness during lock down. This research aimed at exploring the use of natural remedies for the treatment.


Author Info

Seema Kolhe*, Minal Dambhare, Priya Dhankasar, Pallavi Dhole, Ashwathy Nair and Priya Rewatkar

Department of FNTCN, Smt. Radhikabai Meghe Memorial College of Nursing, Sawangi (M), Wardha, Maharashtra, India

Citation: Seema Kolhe, Minal Dambhare, Priya Dhankasar, Pallavi Dhole, Ashwathy Nair, Priya Rewatkar, Home Remedies During Covid Pandameic Lockdown, J Res Med Dent Sci, 2020, 8 (6): 103-107.

Received: 03-Aug-2020 Accepted: 16-Sep-2020