Yaghoob Madmoli

Gerash University of Medical Sciences, Gerash, Iran


  • Review   
    Alcohol Abuse and Incidence of Different Types of Cancer: The Serious Risk of Cancer in Alcohol Consumers
    Author(s): Mostafa Madmoli, Marzieh Karami and Yaghoob Madmoli*

    Introduction: Cancer is considered as a major health problem of the century, and as with other chronic diseases, occurs in any person, age group and any race. It is considered as a major health problem affecting the health of the community. Given that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has placed alcohol at the highest risk and as the first group of carcinogens, and so far, there have been few studies in the province of Khuzestan about the relationship between alcohol consumption and the incidence of various types of cancer. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the alcohol abuse in the incidence of various types of cancer and the serious risk of cancer in alcohol abusers. Materials and Methods: This study included review of 2483 cancer patients from different types. The study is a retrospective cross-sectional descrip.. Read More»
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