A Rare Case with Bilateral Fracture of Condylar and Coronoid | 91836

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A Rare Case with Bilateral Fracture of Condylar and Coronoid Processes of the Mandible including Symphysis

Author(s): Ganiga Channaiah Shivakumar*, Preeti P Nair, Annette M Bhambal, Rashmi Sathe, Palak Choudhary, Vikalp Raghuvanshi, Akhil Trivedi and Priyanka Deshmukh


Fractures are common in the maxillofacial region of the human body because of the maximum exposure to trauma. The trauma received can be due to road accidents, sports injuries, physical assault, etc. the nasal bone being the commonest site prone to fractures followed by mandible. In mandible condyles are the commonly involved sites with fractures; others being dent alveolar region, parasymphyseal area, angle, ramus, and the body of the mandible. Owing to its strategic location depth and muscle coverage coronoid processes are spared. To ascertain the fracture site, dental radiology plays a great role. Currently, besides the conventional extraoral radiography, advanced modalities like Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), Computed Tomography (CT) are preferred for an improved fracture diagnosis and management. We report a case of a young female who received multiple maxillofacial fractures, after meeting with a tragic road accident.

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