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A Study Assessing the Prevalence of Crossbite among Patients Reporting for Orthodontic Treatment and its Association with Different Factors

Author(s): Remmiya Mary Varghese* and Sharon Keziah V


Objective: To assess the prevalence of crossbite among patients reporting for orthodontic treatment and its association with different factors.

Materials and Methods: 980 subjects (490 men, 490 women) aged 5-45 years were evaluated to determine the prevalence of crossbite in a South Indian population. The patients were classified accordingly into 3 dentition stages (primary, mixed and permanent), unilateral or bilateral crossbite, anterior or posterior crossbite. The results were analysed using SPSS version 22.

Results: The overall prevalence of crossbite was found to be 8:30%. The most common age group affected was 16-30 years old. Posterior crossbite was more prevalent with 72%. There was a higher frequency of unilateral crossbite. There was a significant association between the type of crossbite and gender, with posterior crossbite more commonly in females, p=0.03.

Conclusion: An increasing prevalence of crossbite was observed from the primary dentition towards permanent dentition in this study.

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