A Study of Psychosocial Aspects in Infertile Women | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study of Psychosocial Aspects in Infertile Women

Author(s): P Kartheeka, Kalarani and G Jayalakshmi*


Most couples are taken aback when they discover they are infertile. For many people, having children is a matter of when, not if. When compared to infertile males, infertile women feel more psychological discomfort, worse self-esteem, and higher degrees of despair. The goal of this study was to determine the psychosocial variables that are linked to these abnormalities. Anxiety was more common among women from joint households than depression. Those who grew up in nuclear families were more depressed. Anxiety was more common among women with a favorable family background. Hypothyroidism and PCOS were linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression in females with hypothyroidism and PCOS, respectively. Women were more likely than males to be threatened with divorce or commit suicide. This woman suffered from anxiety as well as sadness. Anxiety was linked to a higher likelihood of divorce, whereas depression was linked to a higher risk of suicide. In researching how people feel about artificial reproductive technology (ART) and adoption. The majority chose adoption, owing to a desire to fulfill their maternal role. However, the majority of people were unclear about their opinions, preferences, and decisions.

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