A Study on Incidence of Choledocholithiasis in Case of Gall Stone Disease | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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A Study on Incidence of Choledocholithiasis in Case of Gall Stone Disease

Author(s): KT Chittibabu, P Darwin and K Kuberan*


Aim: Diseases of the gallbladder are common and costly. The best epidemiological screening method to accurately determine point prevalence of gallstone disease is yet arriving. The present study aimed to analyses the incidence of gallbladder disease in patients admitted to Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Chennai.

Methods: All patients were subjected to routine blood, urine and biochemical evaluation including LFT, USG abdomen & MRCP with demographic data.

Results: The female showed higher disease prevalence than male and 40-50 years’ elders were more susceptible. Mixed stones were predominating types and ERCP, Stone extraction, Stenting followed by Lap. Cholecystectomy was the most common surgical treatment in our study.

Conclusion: Considering all the above values, it may be concluded that MRCP is the gold standard in confirmation of common bile duct stone in gallstone disease patients

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