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Analysis of Cranial Accessory Foramina in the Sagittal Section of Skull

Author(s): Vindhiya Varshini V and Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj*


The human skull has numerous openings that enable cranial nerves and blood vessels to exit the skull and supply or receive various structures. These openings are collectively referred to as cranial foramina. In the cranial cavity, the floor is divided into three distinct recesses: the anterior fossa, middle fossa and the posterior fossa. Each cranial fossa lodges numerous named foramina, through which various anatomical structures pass through. Apart from these named foramina occasionally some accessory foramina may also be present. The aim of the study is to analyze the cranial foramina and vascular impression in the sagittal section of the skull. In the present study, a total of 24 sagittal sections of skull bones of unknown sex and without any gross abnormality were collected and subjected for morphometrical analysis. The external and internal surface of the skull bone are examined for the presence of accessory foramina, apart from the presence of regular foramina. If present they were noted and photographed with their location. The results obtained were analysed. There were several foramina present at the various regions, like in the orbit the ethmoidal foramen, near mastoid process the accessory mastoid emissary foramina. The occasional presence of accessory foramina near these sites may pose an unwanted problem to neurovascular surgeons. Thus this study of anatomical variations of foramina of the skull may provide knowledge to neurovascular surgeons, approaching the skull.

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