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Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis-An Alternative to Traditional Open Techniques for the Management of Severe Ankle Arthritis-Case Series

Author(s): Gowtham VS*, Lionel john and Vijaynarasimman Reddy


Background: Ankle arthrodesis is taken into consideration through manner of many to be the equal vintage operative remedy for cease-diploma ankle arthritis. The cause of this examine became to perform a brand new approach for ankle joint floor and determine the very last consequences for the union quotes of ankle arthroscopic arthrodesis. Arthroscopic arthrodesis provides surgeons with an opportunity to popular open strategies for the control of extreme ankle arthritis. Our data display that guidance of the joint floor with microfracture is an powerful technique to growth the union price of arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis, even as bone graft and different promoting materials aren't crucial to be automatically used. Methods: A whole of sixty eight sufferers with posttraumatic arthritis, number one osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis had been treated through ankle arthroscopic arthrodesis between can also additionally 2019 and December 2020. Our surgical indication modified into deformity a lot less than 15° measured via weight-bearing radiographs. First of all, the very last articular cartilage becomes eliminated with distinctive curettes and shavers. Then, the new technique (microfracture) became accomplished at tibiotalar surfaces. Finally, the ankle grew to become into constant with cannulated percutaneous screws. The wound recuperation, complications, postoperative radiographs, and American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) rating had been evaluated. The common study-up time became 32 months (variety 25–58 months). There become no bone grafting, and a fusion fee of one hundred% become finished. The not unusual place fusion time becomes 12.1 weeks. One affected person superior superficial contamination at 2 weeks postoperatively and become cured through manner of nonsurgical remedy. No deep infections, deep venous thrombosis, or revision surgical remedy had been discovered. Screws were eliminated in four sufferers due to prominence. One affected person had fusion internal the subtalar joint due to arthritis at 5 years postoperatively. On the closing comply with-up, radiographic symptoms of superior or progressing arthritis had been decided in nine sufferers at subtalar joint and in 4 sufferers at talonavicular joint. At 1-12 months follow-up, the suggest AOFAS ankle/hindfoot rating had extended to eighty four from a median preoperative cost of 38 (P<0.01).

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