Assessment of Anti-Bacterial Effect of Faujasite from Patients with Periimplantitis | Abstract

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Assessment of Anti-Bacterial Effect of Faujasite from Patients with Periimplantitis

Author(s): Ahmed Ali Mohammed* and Thekra Ismail Hamad


Objective: To assess the concentration of Faujasite that inhibit growth of the anaerobic bacteria that growth around implants with signs and symptoms of implant failure. Design: Experimental in vitro study, antimicrobial effect of faujasite nanoparticles on the anaerobic bacteria isolated from patients with peri-implantitis. Material and methods: Ten partially edentulous subjects (six women, four men), aged 32– 90 years, who had one or more implants with peri-implantitis, a total of 15 implants were diagnosed with peri-implantitis. Samples of Subgingival bacterial were obtained with sterile paper points from infected implants of everyone. Results: Revealed that Minimum Inhibition Concentration of Faujasite nanoparticles for Total anaerobic bacteria was (3%), this concentration showed growth after re-culturing on plain BHI-A media. Discussion: Antibacterial property at 3% concentration of Faujasite nanoparticles, because of metallic contents such as aluminium ions were found in faujasite framework, which induced for better minimum inhibition concentration quantity, in addition the state of oxidation for the Si has an important property in the antimicrobial activity. Conclusion: The antibacterial activity increased with the increasing in the Faujasite concentration from 3% and above, and there was no effect of Faujasite nanoparticles at concentration1%, 2%, and 2.5%.

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