Ahmed Ali Mohammed

Specialized dentist, Al-Diwaniya Directo, Ministry of health Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Assessment of Anti-Bacterial Effect of Faujasite from Patients with Periimplantitis
    Author(s): Ahmed Ali Mohammed* and Thekra Ismail Hamad

    Objective: To assess the concentration of Faujasite that inhibit growth of the anaerobic bacteria that growth around implants with signs and symptoms of implant failure. Design: Experimental in vitro study, antimicrobial effect of faujasite nanoparticles on the anaerobic bacteria isolated from patients with peri-implantitis. Material and methods: Ten partially edentulous subjects (six women, four men), aged 32– 90 years, who had one or more implants with peri-implantitis, a total of 15 implants were diagnosed with peri-implantitis. Samples of Subgingival bacterial were obtained with sterile paper points from infected implants of everyone. Results: Revealed that Minimum Inhibition Concentration of Faujasite nanoparticles for Total anaerobic bacteria was (3%), this concentration showed growth after re-culturing on plain BHI-A media. Discussion: Antibacterial property at 3% concent.. Read More»

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