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Assessment of Coating Zirconium implant material with Nanoparticles of Faujasite

Author(s): Ahmed Ali Mohammed*, Thekra Ismail Hamad and Ahmed Hameed Neamah


Aim: To evaluate the wettability and micro hardness of Zirconium (ZrO2) dental material when coated with different concentrations of Faujasite.

Materials and methods: 30 circular disks produced from ZrO2, then each group classified into 10 control groups, 10 coated groups with 3% Faujasite and 10 coated groups with 7% faujasite by electro spun tool to study variable properties in hardness and water contact angle of implant materials.

Results: This study stated the high hardness in 7% of faujasite concentration for ZrO2, in addition, the contact angle decreased gradually until reach 0° in 7% concentration of faujasite with ZrO2.

Conclusion: Water Contact Angle (WCA) declined till disappeared in (7% wt.) of faujasite coated with the ZrO2 group, also in the same group the microhardness became high compared with other groups due to alteration in surface morphology of substrate and properties of coated material.

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