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Assessment of Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic brackets subjected to pre-rinsing with Oral Rinses

Author(s): Reshma Mohan and Ravindra Kumar Jain*


Aim: To assess the shear bond strength (SBS) of orthodontic brackets when subjected to pre-rinsing with two different Oral Rinses - Chlorhexidine oral rinse and hydrogen peroxide oral rinse.

Materials and methods: This in vitro study included 30 extracted human teeth mounted and equally divided into 3 groups based on the oral rinse used. Group 1- Saline , Group 2- Chlorhex-idine oral rinse and Group 3- Hydrogen peroxide oral rinse. The teeth were then bonded and shear bond strength was assessed. The statistical tests were done in SPSS software version Descriptive tests including mean and standard deviation was done. Shapiro-Wilk test was done to assess the normality of distribution. Also, One- way ANOVA along with Tukey’s post hoc test was performed.

Results: It was reported that group 3 (8.61+1.20 MPa) had higher SBS followed by group 2 (7.55 + 1.35 MPa) and group 1(6.24 + 0.77 MPa) and the difference between them was signifi-cant [p<0.05].

Conclusion: Hydrogen peroxide when used for pre-procedural rinsing was found to increase the SBS of orthodontic brackets in laboratory conditions.

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