Association of Age and Gender Distribution of Class III Cavities Restored with Composite Restoration | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Association of Age and Gender Distribution of Class III Cavities Restored with Composite Restoration

Author(s): Haripriya R and Surendar Sugumaran*


Introduction: G V Black classified dental caries based on the site of occurrence in which class III caries involve the anterior teeth and its restoration has a significant influence on esthetics. Composite resin is one of the most commonly used restorative material during the past decade as it provides desirable esthetics, easy to manipulate and minimal cavity preparation required. Aim: Aim of the present study is to analyse the association of age and gender distribution of class III cavities restored with composite restoration. Materials and methods: The study was done in a University setting. The data was collected by analyzing the radiographs from the patient software system of Saveetha Dental College and the samples included patients who underwent composite restoration in class III cavities. The data collected was tabulated and statistically analysed using the SPSS software version 21.0. The results were represented in the form of graphs. The level of significance was set at 0.05. Results: From the present study, we can conclude that the majority of the patients who have undergone class 3 restoration were between the age group of 31-40 years. In gender analysis, the majority of the patients were females. When the association between the age and gender of the patients who underwent class III restoration with respect to the number of turns was analysed, there was a significant difference in age (p-value was less than 0.01; p-value <0.05, significant.) In gender analysis, there was no significant association (p-value=0.186).

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