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Awareness and Knowledge of Coronavirus Diagnostic Test among Dental Students

Author(s): Preethi Shankar, Preetha S* and Lavanya Prathap


Coronavirus is a disease seen in mammals and affects the respiratory tract. It originated in China. Symptoms of the virus are common cold, SARS, MERS. Social distancing is the only method to fight against this disease effectively. Coronavirus diagnostic tests are used to prevent disease from spreading from one person to another. Molecular tests are carried out by collecting mucus and mixing it with the reagents, due to this virus genome is replicated and Abbot’s molecular test provides results. Swan test and molecular test are the two diagnostic tests carried out. Coronavirus diagnostic tests help in easy detection of viruses. The test prevents the spread of viruses to many people; this test is considered as a reliable test. The study aims at determining the awareness and knowledge of coronavirus diagnostic tests among dental students. A questionnaire comprising 13 questions was created and circulated among 100 dental students. The results were collected and analysed. It was evident that the dental students possessed very little knowledge about the diagnostic tests and its advantages. Awareness about diagnostic tests among dental students should be high in order to control the spread of virus and to isolate the infected persons.

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