Awareness of Smoking Habits among College Students | 63519

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Awareness of Smoking Habits among College Students

Author(s): A Akshaya, Dhanraj Ganapathy* and Keerthi Sasanka


Smoking is one of the common recreational drug uses. Tobacco smoking habit has spread across the world, and is a significant cause of mortality and morbidity. Smokers are more likely to develop many deadly diseases such as cancer and other types of respiratory diseases. Tobacco smoking-related diseases have been shown to kill around half of long-term smokers compared with the overall mortality levels faced by non-smokers. A cross-sectional study was conducted by circulating the self-designed questionnaire among 100 college students. The questionnaire was designed to assess the data’s on demographics, smoking prevalence, smoking related knowledge and attitudes and health effects due to smoking habits. The survey was conducted through an online setting through a survey planet app. The responses from the study were analysed and represented in pie charts. The findings were 68% of individuals aware of the complications of smoking. Around 30% of individuals felt that the habit of smoking is greatly influenced by friends and stress. 92% of individuals felt that smoking in public places is an offence. 63% of individuals agreed that smoking affects appetite. The study concludes that students are well aware about smoking habits and its ill effects which cause major complications in their health. In addition, collaborative and more comprehensive anti-tobacco efforts are important to curb the tobacco epidemic.

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