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Awareness on oral hygiene among high school students in Arni

Author(s): B Madhumitha, Dhanaraj Ganapathy* and L Keerthi Sasanka


Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth clean, disease-free and Many issues, that is to say poor breath. Regular teeth brushing, cleaning between teeth would help preserve dental hygiene. The essential recommendation is that oral hygiene should be practiced frequently to reduce dental infection and foul breath. The most common types of dental illness include tooth decay, dental caries, gum diseases that include gingivitis, and periodontitis. Current oral micro biota is slightly less stable than the historical population, with dental caries being mainly affected by a major infectious disease in 60-90 % of school students. General recommendations are twice a day brushing, interdental cleaning and wiping of the mouth after each meal. We will adopt the cleaning along with the dental floss. The normal abundance of water with fluoride helps reduce dental cavities and helps preserve good oral hygiene. This study aims to create awareness about oral hygiene and dental health among high school students in arni. A cross-sectional study was conducted by circulating the self-designed questionnaire among 100 school students. The questionnaire was designed to assess the data’s on demographics, oral hygiene, oral diseases related knowledge and attitudes and health effects due to improper maintenance of oral health. The survey was conducted through an online setting through a survey planet app. The responses of this survey were collected and analyzed, and then the results were represented in pie charts. The result shows that 85% of the students were conscious about their oral hygiene. 82% of the individuals are aware that oral hygiene is related to normal health. Around 52% of the students visit the dentist once a year and 75% of the responders have the knowledge about fluoride content in the paste. This study concluded that school students are highly aware of oral hygiene and have knowledge about the preventive measures in addition to it, students are also aware of maintaining oral hygiene and aware of diseases related to oral health.

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