Awareness on Role of Kabasura Kudineer on Immunity among Adult Population | Abstract

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Awareness on Role of Kabasura Kudineer on Immunity among Adult Population

Author(s): Tahoora Taskeen L, V Vishnu Priya* and R. Gayathri


Introduction: Kabasura kudineer is a concoction prepared as a siddha product which is effective against respiratory infection. It is made with the use of 15 herbs which includes ginger, clove, Piper Longum, Dusparsha, Akarakarabha, Kokilaksha, heritage, Malabar nut, ajwain, Kusta, guduchi, Kalamegha, Raja pata, musta and Bharani. Each and every ingredient has its own importance like ginger promotes digestion and helps in treatment of respiratory ailments, Pippalli can treat indigestion, asthma and cough, clove helps to kill bacteria and promote liver health etc. Thus the aim of the study is to analyse the knowledge and awareness on the role of Kabasura kudineer on immunity among the adult population. Materials and methods: Self-administered structured questionnaires were designed based on the knowledge and awareness of the role of Kabasura kudineer on immunity among adults. The questionnaire was distributed through online goggle forms link; the study population included 100 dental students in Chennai. The data was collected and statistically analysed in SPSS of version 26.0.The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board. Results: Majority of 19 year old (52%) individuals had responded whereas 35% of 17 year old respondents among them nearly 97% were females and 88% were aware of kabasura kudineer. It was appreciable that 83% of respondents were aware that kabasura kudineer was a siddha formulation and only 50% were aware it was administered as concoction among which 78% of individuals knew that it is a perfect remedy for respiratory ailments. Majority (52%) respondents were aware about the herbal ingredients used. Conclusion: Thus majority of adults were not aware about the properties of Kabasura kudineer. More awareness programmes have to be done to make Kabasura kudineer a prophylactic agent world-wide.

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