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Awareness on Self-Protection and Defense Among Teenage Girls of South India-A Survey

Author(s): Keerthana B, Gayathri R, Gayatri Devi R* and Vishnupriya V


Self-protection and defence are an important factor for a girl ‘s life especially in today’s world. Girls face lots of problem even before they enter into teenage, they are restricted from doing many activities. Girls are thought to be courageous and are considered to belong to the weaker sex of the society. Self-protection and defence not only protect themselves from danger but also boost their self-confidence. Girls have the right to feel safe and to be safe where they live and learn. A lock, A light, A secure shelter-All these can prevent violence against girls in emergencies and provide a sense of security in a time of increased vulnerability and stress. Selfdefence is a protection, they need to be powerful with some act to defend themselves. Girls should be taught to defend themselves in all situations right from schooling. The aim of the study is to determine the awareness of self-protection and defense among teenage girls of south India. A questionnaire consisting of 10 questions was distributed through an online Google form link to about 125 teenage girls belonging to the age group of 13 to 19. The results were collected and analysed. Majority of the population was (about 78.4%) of teenage girls who agreed with the fact that self-protection is very much necessary and all aware of the cause. An awareness on self defence and protection was created among teenage girls by this survey.

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