Basics and Beyond : The Implant and Genomic Basis of Osseoin | 1370

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Basics & Beyond : The Implant & Genomic Basis of Osseointegration

Author(s): Aakarshan Dayal Gupta, Aviral Verma


The study of implantology has evolved since its introduction into dentistry. Apart from other aspects of an implant, osseointegration has been of prime interest to researchers and practitioners. The study of osseointegration alone has lead to many discoveries regarding the implant’s macro and micro design and has been used very advantageously so far. Although peri-implant healing has already been studied in depth, there is little information on the genetic influence on peri-implant bone healing. The purpose of this review is to analyze and sequence the events of peri-implant healing and to identify all the genes and their processes that lead to successful peri-implant healing.


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