Camouflage Treatment of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion Asso | 93217

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Camouflage Treatment of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion Associated with Anterior Mandibular Displacement, Deep Over Closure and Crowding

Author(s): Umi Mardhiyyah Mat Ali* and Khairil Aznan Mohamed Khan


This case report illustrates the successful of non-extraction orthodontic camouflage treatment in an adult patient with skeletal Class III malocclusion associated with anterior mandibular displacement, deep overclosure, and moderate crowding on the upper arch. The treatment involved the usage of protraction archwire and lower removable appliance with a posterior bite plane. The procedure entails eliminating the displacement to restore the mandible's natural functional position and relieving crowding without compromising the periodontium, with good anchoring control of the molars. At the end of treatment, the improvement of the occlusal relationship was achieved with a good facial profile and reduction of chin prominence.

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