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Case Report on Hepatitis-A

Author(s): Achita Sawarkar*, Vishnu Tadas, Madhuri Naik, Jaya Khandar and Prerna Sakharwade


Introduction: Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver which occurs from a variety of causes i.e. infectious and non- infectious, hepatitis A is caused due to picornavirus usually transmitted by the feco-oral route. It is a highly contagious liver infection that affects the individual’s liver ability to function. Clinical findings: Mild grade, intermittent fever with chills, yellowish discolouration of skin, Clay coloured stools, Vomiting, Reduced Oral intake. Diagnostic evaluation: CBC: TLC- 17500/, Hb- 8.5gm% , RBC- 3.74 millions / LFT: Total Bilirubin- 8.1mg/dl, Bilirubin Conjugated- 6.7 mg/dl, Bilirubin Unconjugated- 1.4 mg/dl, SGOT-248 IU/L, SGPT-419 IU/L, Alkaline phosphatase 316 IU/L, Total protein – 9.3gram/dl; Ultrasonography: Hepatospleenomegaly with thickened edematous gallbladder wall. Anti HAV: 0.30 positive. Therapeutic intervention: Medical Management: Inj. Cefotaxime 650mg BD IV, Inj. Ciprofloxacin 130mg TDS IV, Tab. Udiliv 150mg BD Orally, Inj. Piptaz 1.3gram in 300 ml NS IV, syp. Meftal- p 6ml SOS Orally, Syp. Becasul 5ml BD orally, Syp. Duphalac 10 ml HS. Outcomes: The medication has started for hepatitis A . The fever was reduced, Yellowish discolouration of skin was diminished, the oral intake was increased and the level of Bilirubin was Normal. The child showed improvement. Conclusion: The patient was admitted to paediatric ward, AVBRH with known case of hepatitis A and he had a complaint of mild grade, intermittent fever with chills, yellowish discolouration of skin, clay coloured stools, vomiting, reduced oral intake. After getting proper treatment his condition was improved.

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