Cerebral Infarction Following Intra-Tonsillar Injection of P | 53237

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Cerebral Infarction Following Intra-Tonsillar Injection of Phenol in a Child

Author(s): Lawan Musa Tahir*, Lokman Cam*, Atilla Emiroglu, Mehmet Sina and Senol Dane


An apparently well early adolescent presented at the emergency unit with history of multiple convulsions and left sided hemiparesis within 2 hours of receiving intra-tonsillar injection of phenol. Brain MRI showed features of acute infarction of right middle cerebral artery-posterior cerebral artery. He was treated with subcutaneous clexane and Nootropil, Omeprazole, Vitamin B complex and diazepam infusions. He was also given oral carbamazepine, Aspirin and Vitamin E. He responded well, there was no seizure while on admission and had started moving both the left upper and lower limbs within 72 hours. There is no information about intra-tonsillar local phenol injection to treat tonsillitis in literature. Therefore, intra-tonsillar, oral or parenteral phenol usage should be evaluated as a medical malpractice.

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