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Clinical and Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Curcumin Oral Gel as Adjuncts in Treatment of Periodontal Pocket

Author(s): Hayder Thabit Farhood* and Basma Ghafori Ali


Background: The periodontal disease is among the most popular medical situations which might affect humans. Periodontal pocket that is known as a pathologically extended gingival sulcus which is one of most essential clinical characteristics of the periodontal disease. The scaling, the root planning and the polishing are the golden ordinary procedures for the management. An adjunct to scaling and root planning has been introducing as curcumin. Curcumin possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Aim/ Objectives: To estimate the effectiveness of sub gingival application of curcumin oral gel as adjuncts for the SRP in the management of (5–7 mm) periodontal pockets on clinical periodontal parameters. plaque index, gingival index, bleeding on probing pocket depth and relative attachment level.

Materials and Methods: 20 patients of both gender and aged from 21 to 45 years. The patients with periodontitis (stage II/III, grade A-C) and pockets depth 5-7mm bilateral of upper jaw only which randomly selected. Split mouth technique followed, one side consider as control group sites that receive SRP alone, the other side marked as test group side that receive twice application of curcumin oral gel as adjunct to SRP with one week interval. Plaque and gingival indices were recorded on three visits while bleeding on probing, probing pocket depth and relative attachment level were measured for each patient at baseline, and 1-month interval.

Results: For intra group ,in the 3rd visit, means of PLI, GI, PPD, and RAL presented statistical significant decrease in test and control sites compared with baseline visit, but no statistical significant differences in these parameters in the 3rd visit between test and control sites (Inter group). Bleeding on probing in test sites group was significantly decreased in the 3rd visit compared with baseline visit, but in control sites group no statistical significant change in the 3rd visit compared with baseline inter group comparison a statistical significant differences in BOP between test and control sites.

Conclusion: Curcumin shows a potent effect in improving the outcomes of clinical parameters when compared with SRP. Curcumin can be a promising adjunctive therapeutic agent; it showed a good capability in influencing the gingival health by assessing the clinical parameters

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