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Clinical Evaluation of Peripheral Vascular Disease in Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Author(s): T Rathnaganpathi and T Raghupathy*


To analyse the clinical presentation, predisposing factors, co-morbidities in patients with diabetic foot ulcer. The study is a descriptive study of Peripheral vascular disease. This study involves a single group of patients with Diabetic foot admitted in SBMCH between the periods of December 2017–July 2019. Smoking of 31%, Hypertension was found in 32% patients, Coronary arterial disease of 23 %, Dyslipidemia of 32 % are the major co- morbidies in this study which peripheral arterial disease is associated in diabetic foot ulcer. It is noted that the prevalence of Peripheral Arterial Disease is 29% in our study. A strong suspicion of Peripheral Arterial Diseases should be discussed with patients with high risk factors associated with PAD, such as male, age >40 years, foot ulcer, duration of the disease >6yrs, smoking, bare foot walking. Our data highlights the need for more work to recognize and target this high risk diabetic foot ulcer population.

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