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Clinicopathological and Immunohistochemical Comparison of Peripheral and Central Giant Cell Granuloma of the Jaws Using CD68 and CD 163

Author(s): Sumaya Mohammed Mansor* and Ban F Al-drobie


Background: A tumor-like disease that affects the jawbone may develop either peripherally in the periodontal ligament and muco periosteum, peripheral giant cell granuloma (PGCG) or centrally in the bone “central giant cell granuloma” (CGCG). Objectives: To evaluate the expression of CD68 and CD163 proteins in mononuclear cells and compare it between (CGCG) and (PGCG), in addition, to calculate to determine whether or not their expression levels may be utilized to distinguish amongst one another. Methods: In order to conduct this study, we obtained 30 formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue blocks from the archives of the oral pathology laboratory of the oral diagnostic department at the College of Dentistry/University of Baghdad/, with 15 for CGCG and 15 for the PGCG. Four- µm thick sections were cut from the blocks; one section was stained by eosin and hematoxylin for confirmation of diagnosis, and two sections were prepared for the Immunohistochemical identification of CD163 and CD68, as directed by the manufacturer's instructors. Results: The expression levels of CD163 were higher in PGCGs than CGCGs, but there was no statistical difference regarding CD163 between CGCG and PGCG (P=0.294). While CGCGs expressed CD68 at greater levels than PGCGs, the statistical significance of the differences between the two groups could not be established. (P=0.771). Conclusions: From a present study's findings, all the studied tissue specimens of giant cell lesions showed a positive Immunohistochemical expression of CD68 and CD163 antibodies, so it can be concluded that the Histogenesis of CGCG and PGCG was monocytes macrophage origin.

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