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Comparative Evaluation of Acid Etching and Laser Etching Following the Application of Chlorhexidine on the Aesthetic Bracket

Author(s): Nidhal H Ghaib* and Bayan Ghdhban


Aim: The objective of this study was to identify the Er:CYSGG laser etching with and without sealant chlorhexidine is an alternative to acid etching by bonded ceramic bracket to enamel surface.

Materials and Methods: 42 upper premolars were assigned into four groups; Acid etching +ceramic brackets (AC), Laser etching+ ceramic brackets (LC), LC-CHX (laser etching+chlorhexidine sealant) and AC-CHX (acid etching + chlorhexidine sealant). An Universal testing machine (H50KT machine) were tested SBSs (shear bond strength). Scores adhesive remnant index (ARI) was assessed by a stereomicroscope. Two other teeth were not bonded and were examined with a SEM (scanning electron microscopic).

Results: Statistical analyses presented that SBSs of laser radiation were highly significantly difference than that of acid etching, also the values of SBS between the AC-CHX and LC-CHX is high significant difference. SEM examination shown different etching pattern.

Conclusion: Low power Er: CYSGG laser etching agreements clinically acceptable SBS and alternative for bonding of ceramic bracket. CHX sealant not more effect in SBS of acid etching, while it’s weaker in the laser etching.

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