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Comparison of Haemoglobin, Red Cell Distribution Width and RBC Value in Normal and Oral Carcinoma Patients: A Retrospective Study

Author(s): Harini M, Priyadharshini R* and Palati Sinduja


Introduction: Oral squamous cell carcinoma is a cancer of the head and neck region affecting the various parts of the oral cavity such as the lining of the lips, mouth, upper part of the throat etc. Anaemia due to cancer comes under the category of anaemia caused due to chronic disease. Red Blood Cells are also known as erythrocytes, in most cancer patients are damaged due to the cancer treatments such as cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy which damages and kills cancer cells. Studies regarding red cell count have concluded that there is a positive correlation between RBC count and cancer survival. Thus, this study aims at comparing and correlating the haemoglobin, RDW and RBC values of normal and oral squamous cell carcinoma patients. Materials and methods: Haematology reports of 10 normal patients and 10 oral squamous cell carcinoma patients were collected from Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai from the patient record management system. The values of the parameters (haemoglobin, red cell distribution width and red cell value) were entered in an excel sheet and were imported to SPSS software for statistical analysis. The statistical test done was an independent t-test. Results and discussion: The data from the present study was collected and was statistically analysed using SPSS software. Inferring from the results of this study, the mean value of haemoglobin in the control group is 13.93 ± 2.8, the mean value of haemoglobin in the cancer group is 12.97 ± 5.0, the mean value of RDW in the control group is 12.51 ± 1.44, the mean value for RDW in cancer group is 12.86 ± 1.4, the mean value of RBC in the control group is 4.84 ± 0.9 and the mean value of RBC in cancer group is 4.59 ± 1.54. The P-value of haemoglobin is 0.135 (>0.05); p-value of RDW is 0.843 (0>0.05) and p-value of RBC is 0.429 (>0.05). Conclusion: This study showed no statistical significance among the haemoglobin, RDW and RBC values among cancer and control patients.

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