Comparison of Motivation of Medical students: During Covid-19 Pandemic-A Cross-Sectional Study | Abstract

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Comparison of Motivation of Medical students: During Covid-19 Pandemic-A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Syed Hussain Raza, Nooria Naeem, Gul Muhammad Shaikh, Arifa Zafer, Ayesha Riaz, Saba Iqbal* and Khatija Amjad


Objective: Motivation is one of the most integral components of learning. It is influenced by the student’s personality, capabilities, talent, capacities, aptitudes, interests, behaviour, knacks, teachers’ behaviors, and environment. In our current we checked the potential of students by using the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) from online learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Method: A modified pre-structured, valid, and reliable questionnaire MSLQ was used to access the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, Task value, self-efficacy for learning and performance, test anxiety, rehearsal, elaboration, cognition, metacognition, different types of resources management, academic year, and gender. The Cronbach alpha of multiple strategies of MSLQ is, ranging from .52 to .93. Results: This Descriptive Cross-sectional study was conducted at CMH Lahore Medical College from June 2021 to July 2021. Out of 121 students, 38.8% were male and 61.2% were female. First-year students were responded 55% and seniors’ students 45%. MSLQ motivation items evidenced mean scores between 4.79 ± 1.39 and 5.47 ± 1.39, while MSLQ learning strategy items, mean scores ranged between 4.51 ± 1.66 and 5.45 ± 1.55. Conclusion: These results are also dependent on intrinsic factors such as one's effort, as opposed to external factors such as the teacher.

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