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COVID-19 Fear and Generalized Anxiety among the Doctors Working in West Bengal, India

Author(s): Anupam Nath Gupta* and Paras Nath


Introduction: Anxiety is rampant among people from all walks of life as a result of the current pandemic. Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the generalized anxiety and fear caused by COVID-19 among doctors practicing in the West Bengal Province of India. Material and Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study. Data were collected as per the snowball sampling technique. We utilized the previously validated Generalized Anxiety Disorder -7 (GAD-7) scale and fear of coronavirus (FCV-19S) scale in the current study. SPSS 21 was used for data analysis. Independent sample T-test and ANOVA and Pearson's correlation test were executed for data analysis. Results: Data of 204 doctors were analyzed. Mild, moderate, or severe level of anxiety was reported in 36.28% of the doctors. Mean anxiety among males and females was calculated 3.72 ± 4.615 and 3.97 ± 4.01, respectively. The mean score of FCV-19S among the doctors was reported 18.11 ± 5.09. According to the Independent T-test there was no significant difference in GAD-7 and FCV-19S scores between males and females (P>0.05). Doctors with 11-15 years of experience reported significantly higher fear. A significant and positive correlation between generalized anxiety and fear has been recorded. Conclusion: Because of the present pandemic, generalized anxiety and fear are present in some doctors practicing in the West Bengal province of India.

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