Covid-19 in High Risk Comorbid Patients | Abstract

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Covid-19 in High Risk Comorbid Patients

Author(s): Vipul Garg* and Swaroopa Chakole


Since December 2019, the ongoing epidemic, COVID 19, also known as severe acute respiratory syndrome -Cov-2, has infected over 70 lakh people throughout the globe. Coronavirus are a broad group of viruses that can cause a variety of lung diseases in human beings, from mild to severe. CoV-2, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, is an infective and pathogenic coronavirus that first appeared towards the end of 2019 and has subsequently produced a pandemic of acute respiratory illness known as "coronavirus disease 2019”, which is a global health issues. Its complaints can vary from a simple cough to more extreme disorders like bronchitis, pneumonia, ARDS, MODS, and can be fatal. COVID-19 is known to have rapid and serious advancement in those with already existing health issues, often resulting to death. Individuals with prior history of morbidities, like diabetes mellitus and hypertension, senile are further prone to acquire a more disastrous course of this disease. This review article presents the Impact and progression of COVID 19 on high risk comorbid individuals. To enter the cell, severe acute respiratory syndrome -CoV-2 uses Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 receptor that is present on the body surface of the host cell. Certain comorbidities are linked to increase Angiotensin converting enzyme-2 receptor expressions and proprotein convertase release, which aids viral entrance into host cells. So this patient enters a dangerous infectious loop as a result of the comorbidities, which are strongly linked to severe morbidity and mortality. Individuals with comorbid conditions must take extra precautions and be managed carefully. This review article presents the Impact and progression of COVID 19 on high risk comorbid individuals and reviewed therapy methods in light of recent developments.

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