Swaroopa Chakole

Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Sawangi (Meghe) Wardha, India


  • Research   
    Covid-19 in High Risk Comorbid Patients
    Author(s): Vipul Garg* and Swaroopa Chakole

    Since December 2019, the ongoing epidemic, COVID 19, also known as severe acute respiratory syndrome -Cov-2, has infected over 70 lakh people throughout the globe. Coronavirus are a broad group of viruses that can cause a variety of lung diseases in human beings, from mild to severe. CoV-2, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, is an infective and pathogenic coronavirus that first appeared towards the end of 2019 and has subsequently produced a pandemic of acute respiratory illness known as "coronavirus disease 2019”, which is a global health issues. Its complaints can vary from a simple cough to more extreme disorders like bronchitis, pneumonia, ARDS, MODS, and can be fatal. COVID-19 is known to have rapid and serious advancement in those with already existing health issues, often resulting to death. Individuals with prior history of morbidities, like diabetes mellitus and.. Read More»

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