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Cytomorphological Study of Cervical Smears and Correlation with Cervical Biopsy

Author(s): Mellonie and Ponnuswamy Karkuzhali*


Since introduction of cytology as a diagnostic tool in the middle of nineteenth century, this branch has made rapid strides in the last one century. There are several studies in literature describing the various patterns observed in Cytomorphological examination of cervical smears and their association with different clinical presentations .Many have also correlated cytology with histopathology findings and pointed out that cytology correlated well with histopathology and has a high sensitivity, specificity & diagnostic accuracy. Cervical cytology has proved over the years to be a good screening tool to diagnose cervical carcinoma and premalignant lesions of cervix. Hence, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the Cytomorphological pattern of cervical smears in symptomatic women attending SBMCH and to compare them with their clinical presentations and histopathological findings wherever available.

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