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Dental Burs in Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics?Past and Present: A Review

Author(s): Rutuja Rajnekar*, Nikhil Mankar, Pradnya NikhadeManoj Chandak, Anuja Ikhar, Radhika Gupta and Meghna Dugar


Dental burs are the rotary cutting instrument with cutting heads of various shapes and two or more sharp-edged blades. They are necessary for cutting, grinding and removing hard and soft tissues and are designed for attaching on the rotary dental handpiece for fast and efficient dental work. Certain design factors are influencing the relative cutting efficiency with the functional life of the dental bur. The clinician's bur selection will depend on individual preference, the type of procedure, and the bur effectiveness in the given clinical situation. They can be used in the restorative procedure, for cavity preparation, crown preparation, finishing preparation. In endodontics, for various procedures like access cavity preparation, for canal and separated instruments location. Because of diamond instruments' long service life, they have a tremendous clinical impact with greater cutting efficiency in both the enamel and dentin. In recent years, the latest improvements in materials with techniques have been devised. This review of dental burs in dentistry provides an overview of the basic introduction of burs with their modifications in restorative dentistry and endodontics. The article's overall aim is to provide the reader with a comprehensive knowledge of the tools available to produce optimal integrity in dental restoratives and invasive treatment.

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