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Difference in IL_1? Level and Bleeding on Probing Following the Use of Aloe Vera Containing Toothpaste in Treatment Plaque Induce Gingivitis

Author(s): Zainab Jaber Abbas and Basima Ghaffori Ali*


Background: One of the most predominant periodontal diseases is the plaque induced gingivitis. Certain plant life used in folk medication glorify as a supply over medicine dealers as bear anti-inflammatory and other multipotential effects. Aim: The aim of study is to evaluate the aloe vera toothpaste regarding reduction regarding plaque or gingivitis and on clinical periodontal parameter (PI &BOP) and determine the effect of aloe vera toothpaste on the pro inflammatory cytokines (IL_1β) in the gingival crevicular fluid. Materials and methods: twenty-two adult patients (male and female) with generalized plaque induce gingivitis participated in the double-blinded randomized crossover trial was divided into two groups, (aloe vera and Colgate toothpaste). A week after receiving polishing and scaling,24hours plaque re-growth. In zero day, after 24h and 7 days’ time points, plaque index and bleeding on probing was recorded, and then after the members entered a 7-day washout duration together with normal oral hygiene measures. And 7days to used other type of toothpaste (Aloe Vera or Colgate) in five visit. In the first visit (zero day) GCF collected from targeted sites(upper incisors, labial side). The GCF collected in third visit (after7 days), fourth visit (after wash out period) and fifth visit from the same teeth. Saliva collected in third and fifth visit. Results: Toothpaste containing aloe vera confirmed great improvement in plaque and gingival index scores as well as significant decreased in level of IL-1β compared with Colgate dentifrice. Conclusion: Toothpaste containing aloe vera may be a valuable home grown detailing for chemical plaque control specialists and improvement in plaque and gingival status.

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