Zainab Jaber Abbas

Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


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    Difference in IL_1? Level and Bleeding on Probing Following the Use of Aloe Vera Containing Toothpaste in Treatment Plaque Induce Gingivitis
    Author(s): Zainab Jaber Abbas and Basima Ghaffori Ali*

    Background: One of the most predominant periodontal diseases is the plaque induced gingivitis. Certain plant life used in folk medication glorify as a supply over medicine dealers as bear anti-inflammatory and other multipotential effects. Aim: The aim of study is to evaluate the aloe vera toothpaste regarding reduction regarding plaque or gingivitis and on clinical periodontal parameter (PI &BOP) and determine the effect of aloe vera toothpaste on the pro inflammatory cytokines (IL_1β) in the gingival crevicular fluid. Materials and methods: twenty-two adult patients (male and female) with generalized plaque induce gingivitis participated in the double-blinded randomized crossover trial was divided into two groups, (aloe vera and Colgate toothpaste). A week after receiving polishing and scaling,24hours plaque re-growth. In zero day, after 24h and 7 days’ time points, p.. Read More»

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