Ecological Approaches to Dental Caries Prevention | 102691

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Ecological Approaches to Dental Caries Prevention

Author(s): Nishant Nandkishor Rathi*, Shweta Sedani and Pradnya Nikhade


Dental caries are the maximum frequent disorder among humans. The healthy oral bacteria plays a crucial role in preventing the formation of caries along with promoting the oral health. Based on this concept, various, approach have been developed that can be used effectively as a caries anticipation measures. The main aim of this approaches is to control carries either enchaining the growth of health associated microbes or by disrupting the cariogenic virulence factors without affecting bacterial viability. For early detection of caries as opposed to ready till the hollow space paperwork and healing remedy is required, numerous gadgets like digital imaging fiber-optic trans illumination, diagnodent the electronic caries monitor, quantitative light-instigated fluorescence, etc.

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