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Effect of Addition of the Intrinsic Pigment on the Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Modified Silicone Elastomer with Nano Yttrium Oxide

Author(s): Zainab H Al-Naser* and Faiza M Abdul-Ameer


Introduction: Silicone elastomers have a long history of widespread use in the creation of maxillofacial and other types of prosthetic devices, particularly in situations where soft tissue and anatomic (shape) reconstruction are required. Despite the fact that they are used all over the world, they aren't ideal in every way. The long life of maxillofacial prostheses is based on the material used in the prosthesis also the patient's attitude and feeling toward the prosthesis, and it can be directly related to the effectiveness of the prosthesis when it comes to achieving its objectives. Aim of the study: To evaluate the effect of the addition of an optimum weight percentage of a mixture of the yttrium oxide nanoparticles and intrinsic pigment (burnt sienna) on some physical and mechanical properties of room-temperature-vulcanized (RTV) VST50HD maxillofacial silicone elastomer, including (tear strength, thermal conductivity, and surface hardness). Materials and methods: Yttrium oxide nano particle was add in 0.5 wt. % and functional intrinsic pigment burnt sienna was adding in 0.2 wt. % and 0.3 wt. % to maxillofacial silicone. The maxillofacial silicone material was mixed and cured according to the manufacturer's instructions, and there were ninety specimens produced. The specimens had been divided into three groups based on these tests (tear strength, thermal conductivity and Shore A hardness), each group contains thirty specimens, three subgroups were formed from the groups: Group A which is called a control group with no nano filler 0%, whereas groups B and C are experimental groups containing 0.5 wt.% of nano filler and 0.2 wt. % functional intrinsic pigment burnt sienna and 0.5 wt.% of nano filler and 0.3 wt.% functional intrinsic pigment burnt sienna respectively. The study's obtained data was statistically examined using analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA) and Tukey Honestly significant difference (Tukey's HSD) test (significant level at p>0.05). Results: The tear strength test and thermal conductivity test show highly significant increase between group (A) and group (B) (P<0.01), a highly significant increase between group (A) and group (C) (P<0.01). In hardness test the result show highly significant increase happen between group (A) and group (B) (P<0.01), and non-significant increase in between group (A) and group (C) (P<0.05). Conclusion: The addition yttirum oxide nano particles and functional intrinsic pigment burnt sienna improve tear strength, thermal conductivity. As well as there was increased in the hardness but still with the clinical limit.

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