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Effect of Cementum Extended Composite Filling with Two Different Posts on Fracture Resistance and Fracture Strength of Severely Damaged Primary Anterior Teeth

Author(s): Razieh Meshki, Parisa Sarikhani* and Fateme Zarouni


Introduction and Objective: Restoration of the severely damaged anterior teeth is a challenge for many dentists. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of cementum extended composite filling with two different inter-canal posts on Fracture resistance and Fracture Strength of severely damaged primary anterior teeth.

Method: In this experimental study, 50 severely damaged primary anterior teeth with at least 2/3 of root remaining were used. After decoronization, they were endodontically treated and randomly divided into 5 groups including group 1: composite filling extended 0.5 mm to cementum (ceCF), group 2: composite filling with composite filling with composite post (CP), group 3: composite filling extended 0.5 mm to cementum with composite filling (ceCF+CP), group 4: composite filling with composite filling with omega-shaped post (OP) and group 5: composite filling extended 0.5 mm to cementum with omega-shaped post (ceCF+OP). The bonded surface of each sample was measured by CBCT 1 mm above cement-enamel junction. After thermal cycles, the fracture resistance and fracture strength were measured by using the UTM machine. Data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA and Tukey test.

Results: ceCF+OP groups showed the greater fracture resistance and fracture strength. The mean fracture resistance values of 5 groups were 533.54, 240.37, 546.64, 447.77, 628.85 N. The mean fracture strength values were 21.3, 9.36, 22.44, 17.0, 24.36 N/mm2.

Conclusion: According to the results, all type of composite fillings with different posts that had been evaluated in this study can be used in severely damaged primary anterior teeth.

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